Festivals, weddings, university balls, college proms, outdoor parties and anything in between are events that will be set during the height of summer. Our services at Ice Box Rental are chosen and selected to offer support to events just like this – keeping food fresh, drinks cold and guests happy.

Our professional refrigerated trailer hire services across Buckinghamshire are chosen and trusted by both private and public sectors for their various events which offer a range of benefits. We have chillers, refrigerators and freezers for hire that will offer you great value for money, flexible rental periods, helpful advice and additional services throughout the whole process.

When you are tasked with organising an event, you will want to find the best solutions. Cost-effectiveness, quality and reliability will be the three main features you look for and this is something that runs through our chiller and refrigerator trailer hire in Buckinghamshire.

Why choose IceBox for refrigerated trailer hire in Buckinghamshire?

We are a team with over 50 years of experience in the sector which enables us to fully understand our customers’ needs when it comes to the rental of temporary refrigeration storage across Buckinghamshire.

In addition to our refrigerated trailer hire services in Buckinghamshire we are also a trusted seller of new and used trailers in the UK. Offering you the ultimate cost-effective and affordable investment for your summer events, our top-quality trailers and refrigeration could be just what you are looking for.

If you would like to see how the IceBox Team can help you make a decision and deliver a high-quality chiller or freezer trailer to your venue, speak with our professionals today.

IceBox Refrigerated Trailer

What types of refrigerated trailers are available for hire in Buckinghamshire?

IceBox Refrigerated Trailers

The IceBox Team has been providing the latest chiller and freezer trailers for events across Buckinghamshire. All IceBox Refrigerated Trailers are quality checked prior to every rental and our experienced Field Operatives are there to assist with the set up upon delivery to your event.

Refrigerated Trailer Hire Across Buckinghamshire


Buckinghamshire hosts a variety of events each year between May and September, including Superheroes & Princess Week at Hogshaw, Farm & Wildlife Park in Buckingham, Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing show in Aylesbury and the Outdoor Theatre in Bletchley Park – just to name a few. 

From festivals and college proms, to university balls, weddings and outdoor parties, there are going to plenty of events and lots to do in Buckinghamshire in the summer. This makes it all the more important for event organisers and hosts to choose a fridge trailer hire Buckinghamshire that’s prompt, reliable, and affordable. IceBox Rental boasts over 50 years in the ‘refrigerated trailer hire Buckinghamshire’ and ‘emergency refrigerator trailer hire Buckinghamshire’ sector, helping businesses, event organisers and hosts operating at all scales to keep their food and drink supplies completely fresh and safe for consumption. 

The simmering heat means that people would be looking forward to their favourite foods and drinks this summer, and that creates a demand for quality ‘freezer trailer hire Buckinghamshire’ services – one where you never have to worry about your guests being served food or drink that’s gone “bad”. 

IceBox Rental’s professional freezer trailer hire in Buckinghamshire are the preferred choice for both private and public sector businesses as well as wedding, private event, and concert hosts. Our chillers are available in all sizes with flexible rental plans as well as both new and used mobile refrigerator Buckinghamshire trailers, if you’re looking for a long-term solution. 

A successful event is something people tend to talk about for many years, long after the event is over. Great food and drink is something your guests or attendees are expecting as ‘part of the package’, and as such, you owe it to them to serve the freshest food and drink possible. 

No matter what your food & drink storage requirements, IceBox offers a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solution, including Emergency refrigerator trailer hire Buckinghamshire services to help you cope with any last-minute mishaps. 


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