Film & TV Set Catering

If you operate an on-set catering division or are an external catering supplier to the TV and Film industry, let IceBox partner with you to provide the necessary on-set refrigerated storage solution.

Mobile Refrigeration for Film & TV Set Catering

Feeding large numbers of production crew, actors and management can be stressful enough without having to worry about food wastage due to inadequate or malfunctioning refrigerated storage. IceBox works in tandem with many on-set caterers to provide the required temperature controlled storage solution for the period needed.

What We Offer

IceBox Refrigerated Trailers is the perfect partner for on-set Film & TV caterers. We specialise in one thing – the rental of quality refrigerated trailers for periods to suit your needs. 

Whether you have a long term on-set requirement or simply need an emergency supply due to your own refrigeration undergoing maintenance for whatever reason, we’re here to help. Call us for details of how our comprehensive range of quality fridge and freezer trailers will meet your business needs.


Emergency Rapid Response



Things don’t always go to plan. Even the best maintained kitchen equipment can suffer mechanical issues and, when it does, the knock on effect can be devastating for a busy on-set catering facility. 

The last thing you need is large volumes of food waste and a long queue of unhappy production crew waiting to be fed.  This is where IceBox Rapid Response comes in. One call to IceBox and we’ll have one (or more) of our extensive fleet of latest model refrigerated trailers on-set  –  usually within 4 hours.  

IceBox Rapid Response ensures business continuity if your own equipment suffers mechanical failure or needs replacing keeping your catering facility operational and leaving your customers happy and your reputation intact. 

All enquiries are responded to quickly and efficiently, so if you need our help in a hurry, we’ll be there. We’ve helped many on-set caterers over the years and we look forward to becoming part of your catering supplier service provision.

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