Emergency Breakdown Support

If you run a commercial kitchen you’ll know how crucial refrigerated storage is to your business. Whether it’s emergency hire for a failed freezer or additional storage for scheduled maintenance, we’re here to help.

IceBox Rapid Response Programme

Emergencies usually don’t come knocking on your door – they are unexpected and unwelcome guests that you must deal with whether you like it or not. It’s certainly not an enjoyable situation to be in, especially when you’re running a business which relies upon the temperature controlled storage of food.

What sets your business apart from others, however, is your proactiveness and vigilance in dealing with situations like these: emergency refrigerated trailer hire from IceBox Rapid Response.

What We Offer

IceBox Rapid Response programme is a service available 24/7 for emergency refrigerated trailer hire to enable your business to transfer stock from the commercial refrigeration equipment that has broken down into a chiller or freezer trailer to minimise loss and provide business continuity in your kitchen.


Emergency Rapid Response


Sometimes, things don’t go to plan. Even the best maintained equipment can suffer mechanical issues and, when it does, the knock on effect can be devastating for a busy commercial kitchen. 

Unless you’re lucky enough to get a timely replacement for your broken fridge or freezer component, it’s only a matter of time before your food perishes beyond the level of safety. The last thing you need is large volumes of food waste and/or unhappy customers vowing never to return.

This is where IceBox Rapid Response comes in. One call to IceBox and we’ll have one (or more) of our fleet of latest model refrigerated trailers at your doorstep ensuring business continuity if your own equipment suffers mechanical failure or needs replacing keeping your kitchen operational and leaving your customers happy and your reputation intact. 

We make sure that all enquiries are responded to quickly and efficiently, so if you need our help in a hurry, we’ll be there. We’ve helped many restaurant and hotel kitchens to get out of a sticky situation and keep their customers happy.

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