Freezer Trailer Hire

IceBox Rental provides leading freezer trailer hire services throughout the UK.

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Freezer Trailer Rental

Freezer Trailer Hire

The IceBox® Rental freezer trailer hire service offers a range of benefits.

Freezer Trailer Hire

IceBox Freezer Trailer Rentals

With over 50 years of experience in the asset rental industry, IceBox Rental provides leading freezer trailer hire services throughout the UK. With a modern and regularly updated fleet of mobile freezer trailers available for hire, we offer efficient and cost-effective options for both short term and contract freezer trailer hire. We provide flexible freezer trailer hire services to a variety of business sectors including catering and hospitality, events management and wholesale food distribution.

Our contract hire services are available throughout the UK and include nationwide delivery and collection. Our vast experience, customer-focused approach and extensive refrigerated  trailer fleet puts IceBox at the forefront of freezer trailer hire services in the UK.

To speak to our team regarding short term freezer trailer rental or long term freezer trailer contract hire, please call us on 0333 6000 800.


Our Trailer Range


Icebox Freezer Trailers

2.4m Freezer Trailer

IceBox 2.4m (8ft) Single Axle Freezer Trailer

Internal Dimensions

L: 2.50m, W: 1.50m, H: 1.80m

External Dimensions

L: 3.90m, W: 2.25m, H: 2.60m


Gross: 1500kg / Payload: 850kg

Chiller Trailer

Icebox Freezer Trailers

3.0m Freezer Trailer

IceBox 3.0m (10ft) Twin Axle Freezer Trailer

Internal Dimensions

L: 2.85m, W: 1.55m, H: 1.82m

External Dimensions

L: 4.40m, W: 2.30m, H: 2.60m


Gross: 3000kg / Payload: 2000kg


Icebox Freezer Trailers

3.6m Freezer Trailer

IceBox 3.6m (12ft) Twin Axle Freezer Trailer

Internal Dimensions

L: 3.60m, W: 1.70m, H: 2.00m

External Dimensions

L: 5.00m, W: 2.45m, H: 2.80m


Gross: 3000kg / Payload: 2000kg

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Freezer Trailer Hire

The Importance of Reliable Freezer Trailer Hire

With rising global temperatures year on year comes an increased risk of inadequate temperature controlled food storage facilities with the inevitable resultant health hazards. It has never been more important to ensure compliance with food safety and hygiene standards.

Mobile freezer trailer hire services are a cornerstone of the catering, food production and food distribution industries acting as a supplementary storage solution and, importantly, providing immediate relief in cases where in-house refrigeration requires maintenance or suffers breakdown.

As minor temperature fluctuations in the cold chain could have very damaging effects, anyone considering renting a freezer trailer for food storage needs the reassurance that they are working with knowledgeable professionals who provide reliable products and services.

IceBox is a leading national provider of short term freezer rental and longer term  freezer trailer contract hire services to companies of all sizes throughout the food production, distribution and supply industry.

We work with the catering and hospitality sectors as well as with companies at all levels of the food distribution network and pharmaceutical chain to ensure that products are stored at the correct temperature and that product quality is never compromised.

Chiller or Freezer Trailer

Freezer trailer hire

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Although we are based in Buckinghamshire, we offer our fridge and freezer hire services throughout the UK.

All of our hire contracts are flexible, with both long term and short term hire available. Whether you need us for a weekend or for 6 months, we’ll have a contract for you.

To discuss hire rates, it’s best to get in touch with our team so we can offer a quote specific to your requirements.

Call us today on 0333 6000 800.

Yes. We offer both long and short term hire services. We consider anything over 3 months a “long term” hire.

Call our team immediately on 0333 6000 800. We aim to attend to the issue within a few hours but will rectify or complete any maintenance as quickly as we possibly can.

We cannot offer exact times as we cannot account for the effects of other jobs and traffic on our schedules. We offer delivery and collection slots on an “AM” (08.00 to 12.30) or “PM” (12.30 to 17.00) basis. Special arrangements for earlier/later delivery/collection may be negotiable subject to driver availability.

Unfortunately not. IceBox contracts are for delivery to the location where the trailer will be used. We leave the trailer fitted with a wheel clamp and hitch lock for security. Our driver retains the security keys when the trailer is set up.