The summer sun prompts a great number of exciting events and moments for all to enjoy. From ice creams in parks, weddings at grand country houses and festivals on worn out grass through to sports events at stadiums, restaurants branching out to the outdoors and much more, they are all ahead of us.

To take advantage of the rays and make sure that every guest is treated to chilled drinks and tasty food, you will need a chiller trailer or freezer trailer to store your products safely. That’s exactly what our team at IceBox Rental can help you with in Hertfordshire.

Our chiller trailer hire and freezer trailer hire services in Hertfordshire are a great way for you to keep your products chilled and safe, make your guests happy and ensure you achieve it all for a cost-effective price.

Why You Can Trust IceBox Refrigerated Trailer Hire Across Hertfordshire

The team at IceBox has gained over 50 years in the hire industry together and we understand exactly what it takes to work to different budgets, location requirements and specific event needs that our clients have across the county.

Our refrigerated trailer hire service in Hertfordshire will be guided by a consultation with you. This will ensure that you get the right product for your needs. We will get to know everything about your requirements, such as: Hire period, Location of your event in Hertfordshire, Whether you are providing a catering or beverage service, What type of event you are organising. With this information the team at IceBox Rental will provide you with an accurate quote for your short or long-term chiller or freezer trailer hire service in Hertfordshire, tailored to your event.

IceBox Refrigerated Trailer

The professional team at IceBox Rental have become a leading refrigeration service provider for parties, weddings, festivals, corporate events and more across Hertfordshire.

If you are left in any doubt as to our high quality refrigerated trailer hire for chillers and freezers, check out our testimonials.

To discover more about our services and how they can help improve your event, get a quote from our team today.

What chiller and freezer trailers are available for hire in Hertfordshire?

IceBox Refrigerated Trailers

We offer a range of trailers with chillers, freezers and refrigerators which are at most 24 months old, ensuring they are state-of-the-art models and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Here are the products we can offer you, take a look to see if these are appropriate for your event in Hertfordshire:

Refrigerated Trailer Hire Across Hertfordshire

Folks in Hertfordshire are always looking forward to ways of partying and spending the summer in a memorable way. Add to that the fact that many events have been cancelled in the last couple of years, giving event owners and organisers an even greater incentive to make their events more memorable, and hopefully, one which people will be compelled to return to every year.

Great food and drink is something that can either break an event or make it a raving success. This creates the demand for quality, reliable, and cost-effective ‘refrigerator trailer hire Hertfordshire’ services, helping businesses deliver an unmatched catering experience. 

From the Paradise Wildlife Park and themed weekends to the family-friendly events including the variety of zoos, theme parks and other attractions – businesses must do everything they can to provide a steady, safe, and fresh supply of food & drink for the attendees. 

IceBox Rentals offers a range of chiller trailer hire Hertfordshire options for sale and rental, ensuring that the latest, cutting-edge mobile refrigerator Hertfordshire models are available to meet a wide range of applications. For over 50 years, the IceBox team has provided a leading fridge trailer hire Hertfordshire service, catering to the needs of everyone from corporates and private event organisers to those hosting weddings, parties, and festivals. 

Whether you need emergency refrigerator trailer hire in Hertfordshire to replace your current refrigerator while you wait for repairs or maintenance – or you need chiller trailer hire Hertfordshire on a short/long term basis for an upcoming event, IceBox Rental is always available to provide a prompt, reliable, and cost-effective solution. 

The evenings at Paradise Wildlife Park is going to attract people of all ages, creating the need to keep your food and supplies as fresh as possible. From the most celebrated events in the region to weddings, parties, festivals, and corporate get togethers – IceBox Rental’s refrigerated trailer hire in Hertfordshire offers a variety of cost-effective packages to help you meet your food storage and refrigeration needs. 

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