Refrigerated Trailer Hire For All Industries


Mobile refrigeration is vital for many industries as it ensures business continuity. In this article, we will explain why it is so important and the segments that require it the most.

What is Mobile Refrigeration?

Mobile refrigerated Trailer Hire For All Industries is the provision of a temporary Refrigerated trailer either with a chiller trailer or freezer trailer to organisations requiring additional or replacement temperature-controlled facilities quickly. For ease of delivery and setup, the units are manufactured as towable trailers in a range of sizes ensuring that the right unit can be on-site with the customer with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency.

All refrigerated trailers are delivered and commissioned by a mobile service representative and collected at the end of the required period as part of the service.

Who needs this type of service?

For a wide range of industries from food storage to pharmaceuticals, maintaining a certain temperature of stock is vital to successful business continuity and ensuring compliance with industry-specific storage legislation. Having a contingency solution on standby – whether you are planning a kitchen or laboratory refurbishment or have an emergency breakdown of your own equipment – is imperative to ensure that stock is not compromised, standards are maintained and the service that you deliver to your clients is entirely uninterrupted.

How can you ensure you can get the help that you need when you need it the most?

Utilising a mobile refrigeration service is both cost-effective and flexible. Refrigerated trailer rentals to be brought to your business, is a stress-free way of ensuring you can continue with your business activities without interruption.

How are trailers delivered and set up?

Trailers are delivered, set up on stable surfaces, powered up and set to your exact specification so that they are ready to be used immediately. They can be delivered with internal shelving and racking in place in accordance with each customer’s individual requirements, to help you maintain a standardised working space whilst in use. Once the trailer is no longer required, a mobile service representative will collect at the end of the agreed rental period.

How are the trailers powered?

Depending on your location requirements, the trailers can either be connected to an existing 13A power supply or, where this option is not possible, can be powered by a standalone generator that can be provided as part of the rental contract.

Which industries frequently benefit from these temporary chilling and freezing solutions?

Refrigerated Trailer Hire for Hotels, Restaurants, Schools and Nursing Homes.

It is imperative that temperatures are accurately maintained in line with the Food Standards Agency requirements within the food industry. Regardless of whether your own equipment is being replaced, has suffered a fault or you need extra storage space for a large event, a freezer or chiller trailer is the perfect low cost, stress-free solution.

Refrigerated Trailer Rental for Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries and Laboratories.

The strict guidelines on temperature control of pharmaceuticals, both in terms of transportation and static storage must be maintained at all times. Offering temperature recording facilities and dual compartment chillers and freezers IceBox trailers assist in every way to keep stock at the correct temperature to maintain industry guidelines.

Chiller Trailer Hire for Food Distributors

Storing food at the correct temperature is essential to shelf life and overall quality. Chiller and freezer trailers allow you to manage your food storage safely and cost effectively, regardless of whether you have an emergency need with failed equipment or simply require extra help during your busiest time periods.

Freezer Trailer Hire for Fruit and Vegetable Suppliers

Keeping freshly picked stock at the correct temperature and having the means to freeze produce immediately after picking is imperative to this industry success. Having flexible and temporary cooling and freezing solutions on hand either at all times or specifically for fluctuations in stock production throughout the year, helps to maximise profit and reduce the risk of lost output.

Having a temporary cooling and freezing solution on hand for both planned and unplanned situations gives peace of mind to business owners within these industries and their clients alike, whilst allowing you to seamlessly maintain industry standards and work confidently and consistently within specified guidelines.

As a Contract Customer of IceBox, you will enjoy the benefits of contract rates, central billing, credit terms (subject to status), central reservations and a service level agreement to provide that extra peace of mind. One point of contact for all your temporary refrigerated storage requirements.