The IceBox Corporate Solution


It was purely by chance that we stumbled across the world of refrigerated trailer rental and leasing back in 2005. An existing corporate client enquired as to where they may find a supplier of refrigerated trailer hire services providing the ‘corporate level of service’ that they are used to receiving from most suppliers across many different industry sectors.

From our vehicle rental fleet background we knew immediately what they wanted ………… but also understood why they appeared to be struggling to find the solution – it didn’t yet exist in the world of refrigerated trailer rental supply! This brought about the formation of IceBox Rental® – a specialist provider of refrigerated trailer hire and sales services. Our rapidly expanding trailer fleet comprises of quality chiller and freezer trailers from German manufacturer Wörmann Trailers fitted with Govi Arktik refrigeration units.

Having now created the base model, we set about creating the corporate model; IceBox Corporate™:

  • volume related rates
  • central reservations
  • central billing
  • one stop shop national network of providers
  • standard terms and SLA

The rest is history. To find out how IceBox Corporate™ can provide the answer to your mobile temporary refrigerated storage requirements, please call us on 0333 6000 800.