What Do You Get When You Purchase A New Refrigerated Trailer?


Buying a new refrigerated trailer for your business can be a daunting affair. How do you know if you have purchased the right one? How do you know if it will fulfil all your needs, and what exactly is included in the price? 

How do refrigerated trailers work?

Our refrigerated trailers can be either plugged in or used with a small diesel generator. The compressor that’s attached trailer will draw the refrigerant and compress it. This pressure liquefies the gas and gives off heat to the body of the compressor. 

What are refrigerated trailers used for?

Events, weddings, festivals, all sorts. If you need more space for a busy summer tourist influx, then you could bring in your refrigerated trailer to give you extra storage space and freezer space. 

Events, especially weddings, can require substantial freezing or chilling areas depending on the guests’ number. A trailer can be used to ensure everything is ready for you when the demand gets high. 

Commercial kitchens can also require a refrigerated trailer in the summer months. With such a vast influx of internal travel, most holiday destinations in the U.K have seen a substantial increase in the number of people visiting during the holiday months. 

The options are endless, but with a new refrigerated trailer, you always have the option for expansion should you require it.

Can you plug in a refrigerated trailer?

As mentioned above, you can plug in your refrigerated trailer. We supply all you need to ensure that you can get started right away. 

Having the ability to use a generator or standard 13a power source gives you the freedom you require to work at different locations and events without worrying about a power source to keep your goods refrigerated. 

The cables and plugs are weatherproof, 14 meters long and come with an adapter should you require plugging it into a domestic power source. 

Size and content options for your new refrigerated trailer

Our new refrigerated trailers come in both chiller and freezer options. 

The trailers come in 3 sizes for both varieties. 8ft/2.4m – 10ft/3.0m – 12 ft/3.6m. Each trailer arrives ready to use and with all the cables you need to get started. 

Three-tier shelving can be provided on request and can be on one or both sides of the trailer depending on your requirements. Each trailer comes with an interior light, meaning that if your event or wedding continues throughout the night, you can still see exactly what you are doing and have access to your refrigerated goods. 

Chiller trailers can be set to temperatures between +2°c and +10°c. Freezer trailers can be set to temperatures between -20°C and +10°C, giving you a wide range to adapt to your requirements perfectly. 

I only need a trailer for a couple of events? I don’t want to buy one.

If you require a temporary solution to your mobile refrigeration needs, you can also hire one of our trailers either on a one-off or a contract basis. 

There are a few things you should be made aware of when hiring a trailer. We drop off and pick up the trailers; you do not have to pull them with your own vehicle. 

We also ensure that the settings you request are ready to run from the moment you power it up. No stress, no worry. 

We have a full FAQ section on the hiring of trailers which should answer any other questions you may have. However, if you still want to know more, feel free to contact us here.


No matter your event, festival, or if you just want more space, a refrigerated trailer is an investment into your business. We can help you understand exactly what your needs are and how we can help you to achieve those. Our trailers are built to last, sturdy and created for the busiest of environments.