How To Choose A Refrigerated Trailer To Hire


There are many occasions that either require and benefit from the use of refrigerated trailers. And thanks to their efficient and convenient nature, fridge trailer hire has proven to be a significant advantage for both professional and personal occasions. 

If you have an upcoming event or any other occasion that requires refrigerated temperature controlled storage, refrigerated trailer hire is an ideal and cost-effective solution. This guide will help you identify the type of refrigerated trailer you need to hire and the questions you need to ask beforehand.

What are the Benefits of Refrigerated Trailer Hire?

Before we get into the advice-based part of this post, let’s first highlight a few of the critical benefits of fridge and freezer trailer hire and why they are so advantageous for both private and corporate purposes.

Mobility: When you hire refrigerated trailers, you instantly benefit from the convenience and flexibility of their mobility. You see, fridge trailers do not require a specific environment to work. As long as your trailer is on a flat surface and has a nearby power supply or generator, you’re good to go!

Easy to Use: Although they consist of high-quality, advanced technology and engineering — fridge trailers are very simple to use. Once delivered, we will help you set your trailer to the correct temperature for your needs and show you how to ensure it stays that way. Once you no longer require refrigeration, all you have to do is unplug it from the power supply and wait for our team to pick it up. 

Cost-Effective: One of the most significant benefits of refrigerated trailer hire is that it’s a more cost-effective solution than purchasing. If you require a fridge trailer for an event or temporarily cover your ongoing refrigeration needs, hiring is a brilliant way to gain market-leading solutions without going over budget. 

However, if you would like to purchase new trailers or good quality used trailers, we would be more than happy to provide a quote.

Direct Delivery: All of our trailers can be delivered directly to where you need them, providing there is sufficient access and space for setting up. This means you don’t have to deal with the responsibility and hassle of transporting the fridge trailer yourself. We deliver, you make good use of your refrigerated trailer, and then we pick it up. Convenience and efficiency at its finest!

Identify Your Specific Fridge Trailer Hire Needs

Refrigerated trailers are designed and engineered to meet a vast range of requirements, from private events to being utilised by a variety of businesses. To ensure you have the best possible trailer to suit your needs, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

Available Space and Access: Before you can make any other decisions, it’s crucial to consider and establish how much space you have at your disposal and how easy it is to access the required area. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to select a trailer that affords you the external space to park, set up and use it without difficulty or safety issues.

Storage Capacity: Next, you need to decide how much storage space you require. Consider how many items you need to store, their size, and how long you will need to keep them refrigerated. It can be difficult to work out your precise storage requirements as items vary in size and shape. 

But don’t worry, considering the aspects above will provide you with a better understanding of your needs. Also, it means that when you approach our team for refrigerated trailer rental, you’ll have a basic idea of what you want.

Storage Configuration: Another vital thing to keep in mind is storage configuration. Do you require shelving? If so, on one side or two sides? Although every customer has unique requirements, our market-leading refrigerated trailers can accommodate a vast array of shelving needs. By speaking to our team, you will have an opportunity to discuss specific storage capacity and configuration requirements. You tell us what you need, and we’ll provide you with a fridge trailer hire service that fits the bill.

Power Availability: You can connect all of our refrigerated trailers to an existing 240v / 13a power supply. However, you need to have sufficient space between the power supply and your trailer to ensure utmost safety. If space is an issue or a lack of efficient or convenient power sources, you can always use an external generator (min 5kVa)as all IceBox fridge and freezer trailers can be powered using a generator. This offers a more flexible and convenient service for the varying needs of our customers.

Preliminary Research

Indeed, this is among the common and essential pieces of advice you’ll receive when it comes to any financial investment — do your research. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Familiarising yourself with current refrigerated trailers will give you the best possible chance of finding a product that suits your needs, budget and one that will help you achieve your goals.

Following on from our previous point, you should spend some time identifying your particular needs and goals. This will provide you with an essential fridge or freezer trailer hire How to Choose a Refrigerated Trailer to Hire requirements, such as size, storage capacity, and power. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to approach a refrigerated trailer hire company with a clearer idea of the style of trailer you need. Therefore allowing you to narrow down a more specific list of trailers and ensure that you get exactly what you need.

But, of course, your choice refrigerated trailer hire company is an essential aspect of receiving high-quality service and products.

Find a Reputable Refrigerated Trailer Hire Company

Now that you know more about how to approach refrigerated trailer hire and the type of factors you need to consider, your next step is to seek the services of a reputable refrigerated trailer company. It’s crucial to find a company with a good reputation within their industry and trailers that suit your needs and someone who operates in your local area.

For the former, you should be able to get the majority of the information you require on a company’s website — such as their refrigerated trailer range, areas they cover and much more. However, for the latter, you will also benefit from searching online using terms such as ‘fridge trailer hire near me’ or ‘mobile refrigeration rental near me’. This will provide you with a selection of local companies or those that cover your area.

At IceBox, we offer a vast range of refrigerated trailers for hire, all of which are designed to suit the varying needs of customers. We cover Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire together with Greater and Central London. 
Do you live in or around any of these areas and need reputable, reliable fridge trailer hire? Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with our helpful and friendly team.