How Are Refrigerated Trailers Powered?


Planning events such as weddings, music concerts and festivals can be somewhat of a juggling act at times. With so many variables to consider, requirements to accommodate and equipment to organise — it’s always good to have a firm grasp and working knowledge about the various aspects of your event. And if you plan to store any frozen or chilled items like food and drink, you’ll need a refrigerated trailer and the ability to power it. 

But how are refrigerated trailers powered?

We get asked about this a lot, so we thought the best thing to do would be to write a helpful guide and provide all the information you need to ensure you get exactly what you need from your refrigerated trailer!

What are refrigerated trailers used for?

Refrigerated trailers have a wide range of benefits, one of which being that they are suitable for a vast array of purposes. Of course, their fundamental use is to chill, freeze and store items, but you can do so for many different types of events or occasions. Great examples include weddings and festivals, for which refrigerated trailers offer an ideal and highly effective means of ensuring any food and drink that needs to be chilled or frozen is stored safely and remains in perfect condition.

There’s nothing worse than the last minute panic of having to reorder or change your plans due to issues with essential event supplies. IceBox Refrigerated Trailer Hire offers unrivalled peace of mind, practicality, and a reliable way of storing a large volume of crucial supplies.

How are refrigerated trailers powered?

Many would assume that refrigerated trailers are complex to operate and get the most out of, but the reality is exactly the opposite. Hence the common question ‘how are refrigerated trailers powered?’. No, you don’t need an enormous generator that will drown out your event’s music, speeches and laughter. 

In fact, all you need to power your refrigerated trailer is a standard domestic 240v power source or a small generator (min 5kva). Both benefit from being very discreet and ensuring that your trailer doesn’t cause too much inconvenience and distraction. After all, these types of trailers are designed to be efficient but also practical. So it’s essential for your refrigeration to suit your every need. IceBox also provides a 12m power cable with all of our trailers as well as any specific adapters you require. This not only makes sure that there are no issues operating your trailer, but the addition of a lengthy power cable allows you to keep the trailer out of your guests’ view.

Aside from the primary refrigeration unit, your power source will also enable the internal light to be switched on and off as required. All IceBox trailers have an internal light for ease of use; this is essential for safely offloading, loading and grabbing a few bits and pieces throughout the day. After all, no one wants to be rummaging around in the dark!

Why choose IceBox Rental?

IceBox is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of refrigerated trailers, offering businesses in a wide range of sectors short term refrigerated trailer rental, contract hire, as well as new and used sales. We have worked hard to establish ourselves in a competitive industry and our team possess many years combined experience and knowledge in their field. Whether you’re looking for short or long term refrigerated storage, commercial kitchen fridge support or corporate and private event support — we have the skills, knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Our trailers suit the needs of businesses in many different industries. However, our goal is always the same — to offer high-quality refrigeration solutions that suit our customers’ needs. 

Do you have an upcoming event that requires high-quality, reliable refrigeration? IceBox  Refrigerated Trailers provide everything you need and then some. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with our team!