How Do Refrigerated Trailers Work?


Refrigerated trailers are a vital resource for businesses that require goods to be stored safely in an environment where the temperature is controlled. For many companies, refrigerated trailers are a crucial component of their daily operations. For others, they’re an ideal short-term solution (such as events) or a lifeline if their regular refrigeration system fails. But how do refrigerated trailers work?

So, how do refrigerated trailers work? Everyone knows what they are and what they do, but far fewer people could explain how the trailers work and what is required to power them. And that’s exactly what we’ll discover in this post.

What are refrigerated trailers? 

Refrigerated trailers come in many different shapes and sizes with varying specifications to suit diverse customer needs. At Icebox Rental, our refrigerated chiller and freezer trailers offer incredible efficiency, reliability, and a hassle-free experience. They are a very popular refrigeration solution within a vast array of sectors such as the hospitality industry, event management and also private or professional events.

We provide both chiller and freezer trailers. Both types of trailers fall under the refrigerated trailer umbrella, but, as the name suggests, the former is used to keep goods chilled (much like your fridge at home), and the latter is for frozen goods being stored that must remain frozen.

IceBox is a market-leading provider of refrigerated trailers, and our trailers are suited to a vast array of needs. 

Our trailer specifications are as follows:

  • All panels, including floor panels, are 60mm thick for chiller trailers and 100mm for freezer trailers. 
  • All trailers have food grade GRP surfaces for complete hygiene control. 
  • Our trailers are secure and extremely user-friendly. They feature easy-to-use cold room door lock levers (can be opened from the inside) and twin doors with stainless steel hinges to ensure on-site security. 
  • All trailer doors can be locked for enhanced security, and heavy-duty anodised aluminium covers external edges for additional protection. 
  • We supply all the necessary power cables for connection to a standard domestic 13a electrical socket within 12m of the trailer’s position. If required, trailers can be powered by a generator (min 5KVa). 

How do refrigerated trailers work?

IceBox Refrigerated Trailer

How do chiller trailers work?

Chiller trailers are refrigerated in the same way as your fridge at home; it’s just significantly larger and capable of storing more items. The following steps offer some insight into how our trailers work: 

  • The chiller trailer is hooked up to a power supply, either a 13-amp/16-amp power supply or a portable generator that delivers the same output. 
  • Electricity powers a motor and compressor (not visible). The compressor squeezes an eco-friendly refrigeration gas, causing it to liquify. 
  • Now in liquid form and at high pressure, the refrigerant absorbs heat within the trailer, which cools down the air and reduces the ambient temperature.
  • From here, the refrigerant continually evaporates back into a gas and flows back to the compressor, creating an efficient, automated cycle.

How do freezer trailers work?

If you would like to know how a freezer trailer works, simply refer to the steps mentioned above, as they work in the same way as a chiller trailer. The critical difference between the two is that freezer trailers can be set to a much lower temperature to store frozen goods effectively. This is achieved by using a special compressor capable of compressing gas at a high enough pressure to maintain significantly lower temperatures.

What are the refrigeration components made from?

Our trailer’s refrigeration components are made of aluminium, copper, or an alloy. The walls are made of insulated plastic panels, and they keep cool air inside the trailer to ensure you can maintain the desired temperature.

What temperature do refrigerated trailers operate at?

Freezer trailers temperature can be set to between -20°C, and +10°C and chiller trailer temperature can be set to between +2°c and +10°c. As part of the booking arrangements, we will ask for your preferred temperature and pre-set the trailer as we prepare it for delivery. However, if you are unsure what temperature will best suit your needs, our driver will be happy to help when they deliver.

If you’re in need of a high-quality, reliable refrigerated trailer rental or a Refrigerated Trailer hire for an upcoming event or for any other reason, IceBox Rental can help! Get in touch today to find out more about our range of market-leading chiller and freezer trailers.