Why Use a Refrigerated Trailer?

Inside a Refrigerated Trailer

You may be running a business where you need to keep supplies cold in the summer period – such as catering – or you might be a restaurant that has run out of space to refrigerate daily supplies. No matter what your requirements are, one of the best ways to keep your food in the required temperature controlled environment is refrigerated trailer hire.

What is a Refrigerated Trailer?

A refrigerated trailer or fridge trailer is exactly what it implies: a large chiller or freezer on wheels. Whether you have supplies that require a specific temperature in order to stay fresh or those that need freezing until they are served, a refrigerated trailer is an extremely practical and cost-effective solution for storing perishable goods.

There are numerous businesses that require and use refrigerated trailers, mainly but not limited to food business operators, wedding caterers, events organisers, restaurant and fast food chains. All such businesses have one key requirement – to keep perishable food from going to waste, and for that to happen, it needs to be stored at a specific temperature.  

All businesses that store, serve or distribute food, must also comply with specific regulations such as the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 in Wales, the Food Safety and Hygiene in England and the Food Hygiene Regulations in Northern Ireland. These regulations detail how perishable food items need to be temperature controlled in order to prevent the growth of microbes. Also referred to as ‘high risk food items’, these need to be kept at a specific temperature during display, holding, preparation, serving, handling and storage.

Mobile refrigerated trailers are extremely useful in this regard as they allow food operators to maintain the required temperature in locations where such refrigeration is not normally found. From charities and special events to concerts, restaurants or otherwise, whatever the demand may be.

At festivals and shows, for instance, it’s common to see refrigerated trailers on site to maintain food safety and quality throughout the duration of the event. Large gatherings often have a vast range of food vendors offering many different food options, and so, to guarantee safety and enjoyment to the attendees, it’s very important to store that food at the correct temperature.

By hiring or renting a refrigerated trailer from IceBox UK, short or long term, you can be confident and safe in the knowledge that your food will not perish. In addition, you’re also reducing the risk of foodborne diseases and illnesses, as well as preserving the quality and taste of the food on offer.

Another major advantage that comes to mind when we talk about hiring or buying a refrigerated trailer is the ability to support local food producers and suppliers. Many events support local businesses, such as those where food vendors want to showcase their locally-sourced products. It’s a great way to ensure that the ingredients in the food stay nice and fresh, as well as flavoursome, ensuring that there’s no food waste and that the guests have a jolly good time too!

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